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Tony Robbins – Hype or Help?

Product: Awaken The Giant Within (book)

Price: $13.99 USD

Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com

My Rating: 10 out of 10

I’ve been an avid student of self-development and enabling individuals to be the best selves they can be. Much of this work requires re-training oneself to think differently, etc…

Tony Robbins has been at the top of my list when it comes to programs and helpful advice for many many years. Because he has been so successful and is a very well known speaker and author, the prices for his conferences and programs are quite high. So, I have chosen to invest in his books for now. In the future, I will definitely attend one of his seminars.

You may have seen some of his work. As I watch the videos of his conferences, he is very inspiring and gets his audiences to reflect his enthusiasm throughout. This is a fundamental necessity to get people to realize that they can do something to improve themselves and their lives.

I really relate to Tony’s approach and thought processes. It’s been extremely helpful for me to have his books on audio – they inspire me every day.

He has an extraordinary way of getting to the heart of anyone and provides information and inspiration for just about every area of your life.  This is one of my favorites:

Oh!  and … you can even get the audio version free when you get a free trial of Audible on Amazon.

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