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What Is Proactive Personality Anyway?

Personality traits affect how you adapt to change, how you interact with others and lots of other things. Your personality basically determines how you experience life! Being aware of different aspects of your personality is helpful to identify your path to peace and happiness. So, what is a proactive personality? People with this type of personality believe that they create their environment rather than it being forced upon them. Of […]

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Learn To Live For Yourself

As you live your life, going about your business and interacting with people every day, are you doing what is right for you? If that seems like a weird question, keep an open mind and think about that. If you are someone who cares about other people, you likely also care about what others think of you. That can sometimes lead you to think how you think others expect without […]

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About Betsy


I’m just a regular person…. with a set of unique experiences – just like you. A good part of my life was spent concentrating on my career.  My climb up the corporate ladder though, turned out to have been a lot of hard work without the results I imagined. When I reached what I thought was the pinnacle of success, I realized that it wasn’t really what I wanted at […]

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