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Is Something Missing?

Do you feel a kind of emptiness…knowing that something is missing in your life, but you just can’t put your finger on it?

It’s really hard to describe…it’s a kind of pull… a longing for something more.

For me, it’s not necessarily that I dislike my job. I have usually be able to feel like I’m accomplishing something. That feels good. Of course there are aspects of it that I would rather not have to do, but overall it’s really not a bad job. I get to work with a team of people and solve challenges for my company. But, every day, I feel like I could be doing something more with my life. I’ve worked for some company since I was 21 years old – even before that, I had summer jobs in college and weekend jobs during high school.  I’m frankly just tired of working, but I’ve make some bad decisions with money. 

Every time I try to make a plan, I get stuck – not really knowing what I want to do and therefore, not knowing how to start – and, I don’t want to rely on Social Security until I die.

Whether you’re concerned about your financial future or not, you might want to challenge what you think you know about money.

I thought I was really smart when it came to my personal finances. While I was collecting a paycheck, my life was pretty comfortable and I spent every penny I made. I didn’t know that I should have had a plan and wouldn’t have known how to create one even if I did! I hadn’t planned for the possibility that my income might stop.  When it did, I was in trouble. 

I’ve recently come to understand some basic financial principles – really easy concepts – that we weren’t taught in school – and, I never knew until now. 

This information will show you how to never make another financial mistake. All I ask is that you schedule a brief phone call – no more than 15 minutes – to let me explain and accept my special gift as a reference for your path to a more secure financial future – OK?

No matter what area of your life you want to change, having a plan for your money is critical. Did you know that financial illiteracy and debt can lead to mental and physical problems?

> More than 13 times as likely to LOSE SLEEP at night!

> More than 7 times as likely to have SEVERE ANXIETY!

> Almost 7 times as likely to take STRESS out on OTHERS!

> Nearly 6 times as likely to experience SEVERE DEPRESSION!

> 4 times as likely to have ULCERS or other digestive problems!

> 2 times as likely to have HEART problems & MIGRANES!

*Source: Whitson Gordon, “How Financial Illiteracy & Debt Affects Your Health,” Lifehacker.com, April 30. 2018. 

So do yourself a favor and find just 15 minutes to find out what’s missing for you…

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Our meeting will allow you to get all of your questions answered and you’ll discover some options to fill that void. I’ll also send you a special ‘thanks for taking the time’ gift to you after we speak!