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How The Subconscious Mind Works

As a child, your subconscious mind absorbed everything you experienced. No previous information existed to contradict anything you learned. Now, as an adult, those lessons will either propel you to success or sabotage you in your efforts to create the life you want – unless you do something to change them.

Your subconscious mind reinforces whatever you focus on. For example, if when you were young, you were frequently told that you were stupid or worthless, those feelings will impact everything you try to do as an adult. If you feel confident that you can handle anything, your subconscious will give you proof that you’re right about that.


Garbage In, Garbage Out

There are many similarities between the subconscious and a computer – even the expression ‘garbage in/garbage out.’ A computer follows the instructions of the programs it runs and your mind does the same thing. When you were young, your mind was completely open to new information and accepted it as fact. Now, that information may be holding you back from becoming the best you possible. As your mind processes new information, it decides whether or not it’s valid, based on that previous information stored as fact. To power your subconscious mind, you must overwrite any ‘garbage’ that was put in when you were a child – and replace it with information that your mind may not accept at first. There are several easy steps you can take to accomplish that.

Be aware of the messages you’re feeding yourself. Read positive and uplifting content – especially in the morning, before you start your daily routine. Avoid watching the News. Take time to relax and allow your mind to wander – try to simply focus on being grateful for what you have. Stay away from ‘toxic’ people as much as possible and instead surround yourself with positive thinking people.

Especially if your subconscious mind has already accepted negative messages about you and your abilities, feeding more of the same will only reinforce those feelings. 

Affirmations and Positive Thinking

Repetitive positive messages can change the subconscious mind. When I began using affirmations, I felt like I was lying to myself. It was difficult to believe them at first because the subconscious mind was rejecting any information that contradicted what it already believes to be true. It’s important to continue repeating positive statements to yourself over a period of time before your subconscious stops rejecting them.

Start by identifying one area of your life where you know you’re struggling and create affirmations that, once ingrained into your belief system, will help you to make the change you desire.

For affirmations to have a positive affect, you need to understand what’s holding you back. I found meditation to be very helpful in that regard.


Do you routinely take time to get to know yourself better? Perhaps that is kind of a weird question ….. In my experience, getting to know myself better was the one thing that improved my life. It was difficult.  There are many things I had buried and really didn’t want to face up to. Maybe that’s why so many people don’t do it – it can be emotionally stressful.

There are lessons you learned and experiences you’d rather not remember in your subconscious mind. They are holding you back.

As I talk with different people throughout my day, it seems to me that most of them don’t know what they want.  They sometimes aren’t sure how they feel. They know they’re not as happy as they want to be and don’t know what’s missing.  Don’t misunderstand – I’m not judging … I am still in the process of learning some things about myself too.  But, what if there was a way you could discover the answers to those questions? If you knew what you wanted, you’d be able to create a plan and take action. If you knew what was missing, you’d be able to make the decisions necessary to fill the gaps. I have personally discovered things about myself that I obviously didn’t want to remember. It’s very empowering to discover the flaws in your own self and be able to honestly address them. Honesty is definitely the best policy when you try to get to the heart of who you are.

It’s sometimes difficult to take the time for meditation – and, ironically, in today’s busy world it’s the best way to find solutions to your most pressing problems and attain a sense of peace in the chaos.

Find a quiet place, sit comfortably and concentrate on your normal breathing. You’ll find other thoughts coming up as you try this – that’s OK. Try to observe the thoughts and let them go without judgement.  Thoughts are only ideas – they aren’t good or bad per se.

Taking a few moments every morning to be quiet and clear my mind has been invaluable. It took a while to get the hang of not thinking about my routine life and just letting my mind be clear… it’s hard to describe.  You just have to do it.

There is an “Everybody Loves Raymond” episode where Debra says to Raymond: “If you’re not happy with yourself, then work on yourself”  That’s all I’m saying – only you can do the work – only you can make it a priority.

As you let them go, just concentrate on your breathing again.  

This meditation program has helped me immensely and I highly recommend it. It’s an easy and fast solution in today’s busy world:

To Your Wonderful Life!



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