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Discipline – The Key to Freedom

Self Understanding

Making a sincere and honest effort to learn who we are is critical for success in every area of our lives. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but it’s an interesting question – Do you really know who you are? I think it’s safe to say that most of us don’t.


Most of us never get to the answer because it can be painful to be honest with ourselves. I found it easy to avoid investigating this because I was afraid. As you probably know, it’s easier and much more comfortable to let life lead us instead of making conscious choices to lead our life.

In most cases, making those conscious choices require that you are first brutally honest with yourself – and then, accept what you find out.  If you find out some things you don’t like, you can change them. If you find out some things that you do like, you can build on those.  In any case, the longer you delay the initial pain of discovering things about yourself that you really don’t like, the harder it’s going to be.


How can discipline possibly be the key to freedom? 

Once you’ve determined something you want to change about yourself or your situation, it’s likely that you will need to form a new habit. If the change is important enough to you, it will take a plan and some discipline to implement it. Once it becomes a habit, it will free you to think about or work on other things. A habit is something that you do without thinking about it.  It becomes automatic.


What does Freedom mean for you?

Since I spent my career in the corporate world, I define freedom as having time to do what I love when I want to do it – Not having to ask someone for permission to take a vacation if I want to. Having the financial means to live comfortably and help others to do the same.

Defining your freedom is your choice.

Once you know what you’re going for, you can get there.


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