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Discipline – The Key to Freedom

Self Understanding Making a sincere and honest effort to learn who we are is critical for success in every area of our lives. I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but it’s an interesting question – Do you really know who you are? I think it’s safe to say that most of us don’t.   Most of us never get to the answer because it can be painful to be honest […]

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5 Successful Habits

So far in my lifetime, I have attempted and failed multiple times to establish successful habits. I still struggle to consistently do some things I know are good for me, but which I don’t enjoy.  Exercise is one of those things…as you can read on my Facebook profile. However, I’ve been successful in the corporate world and I run an online business while still working as an employee, using these […]

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Keeping A Positive Mindset

The benefits of a positive mindset are obvious. When you are thinking positively – have a positive attitude – you are happier and less stressed. You have a better outlook of the future. That’s all well and good – I’m sure you already know that.  But, what is sometimes easier said than done is keeping a positive mindset. Life happens. Disappointments come up. You don’t get the results you were […]

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Employee Mindset vs Entrepreneur Mindset

As an employee, you are likely required to spend a good part of each day performing some function that the company you work for finds valuable. Companies pay for the skills you either came to that company with or, learned on the job. Did you ever think that your skills could be valuable to others as well? Have you ever considered finding a way to earn a living on your […]

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Looking Ahead

Be Aware in the Present Moment Today is Martin Luther King Day – one of the holidays when I don’t have to report to work. This past three day weekend has provided the opportunity to enjoy being in a comfortable home with my husband – able to relax and work on things that bring me joy, as I choose. This is what I want every day to be like. Sometimes, […]

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How Do You Find The Area You Need To Focus On?

https://youtu.be/uiXZx_epSQA I searched and searched for many years trying to answer that question. Listening to tons of advice and making lists of my strengths and weaknesses didn’t help. Researching different approaches on-line just overwhelmed me. The video to the left inspired me and prompted this post. I remembered the first time I realized that the answer was in me all along. I made a decision that changed my life. It […]

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This Virtual Environment Is AWESOME!

I Am Very Grateful That I am Able To Do My Job From Home I am So Grateful that I have the type of job that allows me to work from home. I used to commute into downtown Pittsburgh from 42 miles away – about an hour and a half one way  – partly on a bus and partly driving from home. Although I usually tried to spend that time […]

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Power Your Subconscious Mind

How The Subconscious Mind Works As a child, your subconscious mind absorbed everything you experienced. No previous information existed to contradict anything you learned. Now, as an adult, those lessons will either propel you to success or sabotage you in your efforts to create the life you want – unless you do something to change them. Your subconscious mind reinforces whatever you focus on. For example, if when you were […]

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Reinventing Yourself After 60 – Is That Even Possible?

Have you worked hard all of your life and find yourself thinking about doing something different? I sincerely hope that your life is exactly how you want it to be – however, if you’re not completely satisfied with every aspect of your life, there is always room to reinvent yourself – no matter how old you are! I’m not ashamed to admit that I just turned 64 in October last […]

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