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5 Successful Habits

So far in my lifetime, I have attempted and failed multiple times to establish successful habits. I still struggle to consistently do some things I know are good for me, but which I don’t enjoy.  Exercise is one of those things…as you can read on my Facebook profile.

However, I’ve been successful in the corporate world and I run an online business while still working as an employee, using these same habits. 

These 5 successful habits have helped me and I’m confident that if you develop them, they will help you too:

Consistently focus on helping others

Observe. Ask questions. Be aware of the needs of others. Assess your own abilities and offer to help whenever you can.  These are the hallmarks of focus on others.

Of course, take care of yourself in the process so as not to be taken advantage of. If you say ‘yes’ to everyone and everybody, you will find yourself overwhelmed.

It is also very important to never act in your own best interest if it will hurt someone else. If your motives are selfish without any concern for the impacts on others, please rethink before you act.

Be Honest at all times

The only thing that will provide lasting fulfillment is maintaining a deep conviction that honesty is the best policy. Sometimes, it’s difficult – especially when your truthfulness may hurt someone else’s feelings. Perhaps, in those cases, you should question your own judgements and phrase your feedback in the most compassionate way possible.

But what I am talking about here is to do business with integrity – establishing a habit of honesty. Even in the face of failure, it’s important to be honest and transparent.  Others will respect you for it.  

It’s OK to say you don’t know – as long as you commit to finding out. 

It’s OK to say you have a problem you haven’t been able to solve yet – as long as you have suggestions about how to solve it.

Be The Solution, Not The Problem

In my corporate life, I have had jobs where I had direct management responsibility for various groups of individuals and I’ve also been in situations where I had responsibility for the results produced by a group of individuals who don’t report to me at all.

In all cases, conducting business requires problem solving. 

The key to solving a problem is to first know the impact. Ask questions until you have enough information about the problem at hand – what is the impact? – what caused it?  Then, get feedback from anyone who can suggest a solution.  You are not the only one who might know the answer.  Which leads me to the next tip…

Collaborate / Network

As an employee, I have not been afraid to reach out to people I don’t yet know. I’ve either offered or asked for assistance and met someone new. I try to keep in contact with those people – aside from helping them or them helping me – just to keep in touch. Especially now, when face-to-face contact is limited, making the effort to keep in touch with your network is very important.

As an entrepreneur, collaboration is imperative. This is not an option. Being the owner of a company – especially if you are not yet able to hire people – requires you to wear many hats. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed unless you collaborate with others.  The great thing about having an on-line business is that finding people to help you is quite easy, if you just reach out and start talking.

Go The Extra Mile

One of the most valuable traits a person can have is initiative – personal self-driven initiative. Without anyone needing to ask, you must do what you know needs to be done.

When you can answer another persons question before they ask it – when you can provide information to those who need it before they have to ask – that’s when you will shine.

Find the energy to push through the desire to quit. Life can be hard. Sometimes circumstances seem more than you can (or want) to handle. Change your attitude and change your circumstances. Your attitude about your life is what will make all the difference!

Comment below and let me know your thoughts!

All the Best,


Positive Solutions

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